Mountains, lakes, beaches, deserts, redwoods, fertile fields, and of course vineyards. North to south, east to west – seemingly endless vineyards – a perfect home for grapes! And the signature grape in California’s amazing wine country?


Since the Gold Rush and for most of the last century-plus, Zinfandel has been the leading wine in the biggest wine state – California. Today, because of its history and California cred, Zinfandel or “Zin” for short is a darling and source of pride for Californians and California wine drinkers around the world. There’s something about those big, bright soulful flavors that loudly and clearly speak directly from the mountains, valleys, sun, fog, and the cold Pacific air.

Many of the pioneering California Zinfandel vineyards still exist and devoted winemakers, and Zin-sippers consider them Californian historic landmarks (if not national treasures) since these survivor vines rank among the oldest in the entire world. New vineyards continue to be planted and re-planted as younger winemakers see with fresh eyes what the Californian wine pioneers saw all along – Zin is a great grape for practicality and pleasure.

Today, Zinfandel is still near the top of the California grape charts as winemakers across the state find their flavors – pursuing the joy of farming and crafting Zinfandels. Nine regions within California are populated by hundreds of Zin producers ranging from large/value-driven ones to tiny mom and pops – each possessing its own story, style, and taste. And, Zinfandel is hardly homogenous. In fact, quite the opposite. Zinfandel, like no other red wine, speaks distinctively different wine languages from place to place. Zin adapts! Its flavors derive from soil and surroundings. From lighter to richer, juicy to spicy, bright to bold, there’s a delicious Zin for every food choice and palate – wine pro or beginner.

The California Zinfandel Trail will easily guide you on your Zinfandel journey of discovery fromregion to region, vineyard to vineyard, and even person to person. The Zinfandel Trail will helpyou to get to know the farmers and makers who are younger and older, men and women, cross-cultural, and multi-generational – a diverse and classically Californian assortment of personalities and characters who all share a common love of Zinfandel with its long tradition of farming, craftsmanship, spirit of celebration, and world of flavors.

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