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Zingo! A National Zinfandel Day Game.

By Leah Delira
September 28, 2021

Want to add some an extra challenge to your Zinfandel tastings?  Introducing ZINGO!  Download and print the card and take with you on your explorations on the California Zinfandel Trail!  Here is how it works:

Visit any Zinfandel Trail Winery. Have the tasting room staff initial your ZINGO block. Post a picture of your ZINGO card with a completed line on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #CaZinTrail to get entered to win 2 tickets to the ZinEX Grand Tasting in San Francisco*.

Got a Blackout? Bring your ZINGO Card to ZinEX Grand Tasting on January 29, 2022 and trade it for a special gift!

The game provides yet another fun way to celebrate National Zinfandel Day, one of our favorite holidays.

Then again—every day is National Zinfandel Day when you are a fan of this versatile red wine.